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Forgot Hotmail password – Want to recover it

If you have forgot Hotmail password, then you don’t need to worry because Hotmail allows you to recover your password. Your computer system may not forget your password of if you already had remembered password. So it may not be a problem but a problem may arise when you are signing in to account with different computer system. In this case you are busted.

Then you must be looking to change your outlook password. Some people create their live account and forgot Hotmail password very next day. These cases also occur because of lack of concentration. Now coming to our main objective.

If you don’t know how to reset, you Hotmail password then you don’t need to worry forgot hotmail password about it. In this article I will tell you in detail that hoe to recover your outlook password.

Forgot Hotmail Password, steps for resetting outlook password

  •  It may be difficult for the first time to change the outlook password.
  • But don’t worry its stress-free you can do it in hardly any steps.
  • Firstly open
  • Then after entering your email click the option forget password below the outlook sign in.
  • Hotmail wizard will ask you a simple question that why can’t you sign in? simply click on I forgot my password.
  • Then click next.
  • In a new page you have to confirm email and then type the characters given in the picture above. Then click next.
  • You will be again asked a question that how would you like to get security code
  • There are basic three ways.
  • You can recover it via your email address if you had already given an alternating email address.
  • You can recover It by sending text on your phone number or by making a phone call on your number.
  • Select the option and click next. You can receive code on which option you had selected. Then type the code.
  • After this enter your new password and re-enter it for verification, click ok.
  • Then your password for outlook account will be changed successfully.