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How to Block Hotmail Junk Mails?

It’s really easy to block Hotmail junk mail sender.  A question may arise in your mind that what are junk mails. In simple word you can say that the mails which are not important to you are junk mails. These mails include advertisement of brands or even though a hacker can send you fake mail to get information about your bank account.

In order to prevent from all these risks, you must know how to block junk mail sender. You must block the people which you don’t know because they may be a theft to your account. following are the main steps to block Hotmail junk mails sender.

Steps to Block Hotmail Junk Mail Sender

Following are the main steps for blocking sender.

Firstly, write and sign in to you Hotmail account. Then click on the settings icon located at the right top corner of mail.

block sender

There a pop-down menu will appear choose category of options from pop-down menu. Then you will be promoted to options page.

block sender

From the left panel of the options, go to category Junk Emails. You can see the option of block sender below it. Click the option and write the name of sender. Lastly save it. The junk email sender will be successfully blocked.