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How to Change Hotmail Theme – Theme?

If you notice that by default Hotmail theme is same for everyone.  Hotmail is further offering many themes & colors for its users to change Hotmail theme as feel good.

When it comes to color everyone has its own choice. If you don’t like the default theme of then we will tell how to change its default theme and bought a new one. Hotmail provides the multiple themes for its webmail. You can choose theme of your choice.

Steps to Change Hotmail Theme

Following are the main steps for changing Hotmail default theme.

Step 1

Firstly, sign in to you Hotmail account and click on the settings icon at the right top corner of mail.

Step 2

Then a pop-down menu will appear select options from pop-down menu. Then you will be promoted to options page.

Hotmail Settings Icon

Step 3

From left panel click general settings and then click change theme. There you can change your default theme.

select Change Theme