How to Use Hotmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Hotmail is now offering Hotmail keyboard shortcuts for its brand new version Outlook to facilitate users.  Windows Live Hotmail is not only working for new features but command line is optimistic approach to listen the voice of Outlook users.

Hotmail approach for its users who are looking to sign in web mail and send the feedback to improve the Hotmail email services. Keyboard shortcuts for Hotmail are one of the users opinion swiftly incorporated for user experience.

Command Task For Which Command Is Designed
Ctrl+B Make letters bold
Ctrl+I Make letters italic.
Ctrl+U Underline
Alt+O Display the Format menu.
Ctrl+Shift+P Display the Font dialog box.
Shift+F3 Switch case (with text selected).
Ctrl+Shift+L Add bullets.
Ctrl+Shift+K Format letters as small capitals.
Ctrl+Shift+T Decrease indent.
Ctrl+T Increase indent.
Ctrl+L Left align.
Ctrl+E Center.
Ctrl+] or Ctrl+Shift+> Increase font size.
Ctrl+[ or Ctrl+Shift+< Decrease font size.
Ctrl+X or Shift+Delete Cut.
Ctrl+Shift+Z or Ctrl+Spacebar Clear formatting.
Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert Paste.
Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert Copy.
Ctrl+Shift+J Stretch a paragraph to fit between the margins.
Ctrl+Shift+H Delete the next word.
Ctrl+T Create a hanging indent.
Ctrl+Shift+S Apply styles.
Ctrl+L Left align a paragraph.
Ctrl+K Insert a hyperlink.
Ctrl+Shift+T Reduce a hanging indent.
Ctrl+R Right align a paragraph.
Ctrl+Q Remove paragraph formatting.

Amazing to Use Hotmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Command Task For Which Command Is Designed
F12 Save as (only in Mail).
Alt+S Save and close (except in Mail).
Ctrl+S or Shift+F12 Save (except in Tasks).
Ctrl+Z or Alt+Backspace Undo.
Ctrl+D Delete an item
Ctrl+Shift+Y Copy an item
Ctrl+Shift+V Move an item
F7 Check spelling
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+K Check names
Ctrl+Shift+G Flag for follow-up
Alt+S Send or post or invite all
Ctrl+F Forward
Ctrl+L Left align text
F2 Enable editing in a field (except in Mail or Icon view)
Ctrl+R Right align text
Ctrl+E Center text

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