How to Create Hotmail Account?

Now a day’s web mail service is necessity of life. So in order to use Microsoft Hotmail (Outlook Account) service you need to create Hotmail account. With the help of Hotmail tutorials, we can not only send and receive mails. We can also have an access on multiple facilities of Microsoft like Xbox, Bing and OneDrive etc. login account provides tons of facilities to its users. You can sign in and answer to Microsoft forum’s. You can also use Microsoft account for professional and business purposes. So account is a complete package for you.

Now let us know how to create a Hotmail account. Its stress free and you can do it in two to three steps. Following are the main steps for creating a Hotmail account.

Steps to Create Hotmail Account

To create Hotmail account following are main steps.

  • Firstly, type the URL or you can use Google for opening Hotmail.
  • Then click the option create account below sign in. You will be promoted to sign up page.
  • There firstly give your first name and last name. you can use your own name as first and your father as last name.
  • Then write your new email address
  • Then enter your password. Password must be at least 8 words including Upper-case alphabets, number and special characters in them. Special character like # and! are good for high security. Keep in mind that longer the password the better for your account security.
  • Then re-enter password for verification of your password.
  • Then choose your country region and choose date of birth in Month-Date-Year format.
  • Next select your gender including male, female and the third one not specified.
  • Then give country code and phone number for mobile verification later.
  • Type the words in the box and agree terms and conditions. Then click the option create account.
  • After the mobile verification. Your account will be successfully created.

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