How to Use Hotmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Hotmail is now offering Hotmail keyboard shortcuts for its brand new version Outlook to facilitate users.  Windows Live Hotmail is not only working for new features but command line is optimistic approach to listen the voice of Outlook users.

Hotmail approach for its users who are looking to sign in web mail and send the feedback to improve the Hotmail email services. Keyboard shortcuts for Hotmail are one of the users opinion swiftly incorporated for user experience.

Command Task For Which Command Is Designed
Ctrl+B Make letters bold
Ctrl+I Make letters italic.
Ctrl+U Underline
Alt+O Display the Format menu.
Ctrl+Shift+P Display the Font dialog box.
Shift+F3 Switch case (with text selected).
Ctrl+Shift+L Add bullets.
Ctrl+Shift+K Format letters as small capitals.
Ctrl+Shift+T Decrease indent.
Ctrl+T Increase indent.
Ctrl+L Left align.
Ctrl+E Center.
Ctrl+] or Ctrl+Shift+> Increase font size.
Ctrl+[ or Ctrl+Shift+< Decrease font size.
Ctrl+X or Shift+Delete Cut.
Ctrl+Shift+Z or Ctrl+Spacebar Clear formatting.
Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert Paste.
Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert Copy.
Ctrl+Shift+J Stretch a paragraph to fit between the margins.
Ctrl+Shift+H Delete the next word.
Ctrl+T Create a hanging indent.
Ctrl+Shift+S Apply styles.
Ctrl+L Left align a paragraph.
Ctrl+K Insert a hyperlink.
Ctrl+Shift+T Reduce a hanging indent.
Ctrl+R Right align a paragraph.
Ctrl+Q Remove paragraph formatting.

Amazing to Use Hotmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Command Task For Which Command Is Designed
F12 Save as (only in Mail).
Alt+S Save and close (except in Mail).
Ctrl+S or Shift+F12 Save (except in Tasks).
Ctrl+Z or Alt+Backspace Undo.
Ctrl+D Delete an item
Ctrl+Shift+Y Copy an item
Ctrl+Shift+V Move an item
F7 Check spelling
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+K Check names
Ctrl+Shift+G Flag for follow-up
Alt+S Send or post or invite all
Ctrl+F Forward
Ctrl+L Left align text
F2 Enable editing in a field (except in Mail or Icon view)
Ctrl+R Right align text
Ctrl+E Center text

How to Block Hotmail Junk Mails?

It’s really easy to block Hotmail junk mail sender.  A question may arise in your mind that what are junk mails. In simple word you can say that the mails which are not important to you are junk mails. These mails include advertisement of brands or even though a hacker can send you fake mail to get information about your bank account.

In order to prevent from all these risks, you must know how to block junk mail sender. You must block the people which you don’t know because they may be a theft to your account. following are the main steps to block Hotmail junk mails sender.

Steps to Block Hotmail Junk Mail Sender

Following are the main steps for blocking sender.

Firstly, write and sign in to you Hotmail account. Then click on the settings icon located at the right top corner of mail.

block sender

There a pop-down menu will appear choose category of options from pop-down menu. Then you will be promoted to options page.

block sender

From the left panel of the options, go to category Junk Emails. You can see the option of block sender below it. Click the option and write the name of sender. Lastly save it. The junk email sender will be successfully blocked.


How to Change Hotmail Theme – Theme?

If you notice that by default Hotmail theme is same for everyone.  Hotmail is further offering many themes & colors for its users to change Hotmail theme as feel good.

When it comes to color everyone has its own choice. If you don’t like the default theme of then we will tell how to change its default theme and bought a new one. Hotmail provides the multiple themes for its webmail. You can choose theme of your choice.

Steps to Change Hotmail Theme

Following are the main steps for changing Hotmail default theme.

Step 1

Firstly, sign in to you Hotmail account and click on the settings icon at the right top corner of mail.

Step 2

Then a pop-down menu will appear select options from pop-down menu. Then you will be promoted to options page.

Hotmail Settings Icon

Step 3

From left panel click general settings and then click change theme. There you can change your default theme.

select Change Theme

Add an Event to Hotmail Calendar

You can add events to Hotmail calendar. You set up a remainder if you add an event to Hotmail calendar. Adding event to calendar can be difficult if you are testing it for the first time. You can get a road forward if you follow this article.

In this article we will tell you how you can open calendar along with sating up an event. Let us know how you can add an event to calendar of hotmail.

Steps for Adding an Event to Hotmail Calendar

Following are the main steps for adding event to Hotmail calendar

Open Hotmail and sign in to it.

Then click the option of square dots located at the left right corner of the screen. Then a pop-down menu will appear. From the menu click the option of calendar.

Hotmail calendar

From calendar click the date on which you want create event. Then you have to name the event and add your location of event. You also have to add time interval of event and click save.

calendar event

That’s how you can create an event.

Forgot Hotmail password – Want to recover it

If you have forgot Hotmail password, then you don’t need to worry because Hotmail allows you to recover your password. Your computer system may not forget your password of if you already had remembered password. So it may not be a problem but a problem may arise when you are signing in to account with different computer system. In this case you are busted.

Then you must be looking to change your outlook password. Some people create their live account and forgot Hotmail password very next day. These cases also occur because of lack of concentration. Now coming to our main objective.

If you don’t know how to reset, you Hotmail password then you don’t need to worry forgot hotmail password about it. In this article I will tell you in detail that hoe to recover your outlook password.

Forgot Hotmail Password, steps for resetting outlook password

  •  It may be difficult for the first time to change the outlook password.
  • But don’t worry its stress-free you can do it in hardly any steps.
  • Firstly open
  • Then after entering your email click the option forget password below the outlook sign in.
  • Hotmail wizard will ask you a simple question that why can’t you sign in? simply click on I forgot my password.
  • Then click next.
  • In a new page you have to confirm email and then type the characters given in the picture above. Then click next.
  • You will be again asked a question that how would you like to get security code
  • There are basic three ways.
  • You can recover it via your email address if you had already given an alternating email address.
  • You can recover It by sending text on your phone number or by making a phone call on your number.
  • Select the option and click next. You can receive code on which option you had selected. Then type the code.
  • After this enter your new password and re-enter it for verification, click ok.
  • Then your password for outlook account will be changed successfully.

Why Hotmail Two Steps Verification for Hotmail Sign in & Login Process is Required

Hotmail is one of the popular email web base service which is totally free, you need to sign in Hotmail account or create the Login page to take advantage of Hotmail inbox benefits and send instant emails.

Hotmail two steps verification IS Indeed great for your account security as well as privacy. But the main thing is that no one can hack your account. It really difficult get access of your account after Hotmail two steps verification. This method is also known as two step authentication. It’s really simple. You can do it in simple steps.

After two steps authentication you can connect account to Xbox and other apps launched by Microsoft. So indeed Its great facility. Now let us know how to do two steps authentication.

Two steps Hotmail Authentication

Following are the main steps to do two steps Hotmail authentication.

Firstly, open and then sign in to Hotmail account. If you haven’t created Microsoft account, then learn how to create Microsoft account.

Then click on your account picture located at the top right corner of the screen. A pop-down menu will appear. Then select the option view account.

You will be promoted to a new page. In the new page select the category of security. Scroll down the security page and click the option more security option. Then you have to verify your outlook account by entering the last four numbers of your phone number. It will send a four-digit code on that phone number.

You have to verify code by entering code. Then you will be promoted to more security settings page. There select the option two steps Hotmail verification.

Then click next and choose the category of smart phone which you use. The next method is by your alternative email address. You can verify if it’s your email. Then click next and you will again get a security code. Enter the code and keep the code at some safe place. Then lastly click done.